Walter Whitepubes is a world-famous, homeless nude model. He was first mentioned on Episode 50 of Internet Box when Andrew praised his thick Bison Penis.

Walter is famous for his huge dick, with his only rivals in size being Lexington Steele and Barbara's Giant Whale Cock. In Episode 57 it was declared that in a sword fight against Lextington Steele that Lexinton Steele would win, according to Andrew, because he is a brother.

Andrew's FeelingsEdit

Andrew denies his love for Walter saying he ruins his life every time he mentions him, despite constantly praising his length and girth. There is, however, proof that Andrew loves Walter. He has very detailed drawings of Walter but only around the crotch area. Some have described them as stick figures with huge cocks. Andrew once stared at him for three hours where his "mind wondered" and considered gripping it with one hand.

Walter's MovesEdit

Walter has many moves at his disposal for attracting the ladies. Walter's first and most common move is to get in front of a room and flop it out at which point the room trembles. His second move is a lot rarer but equally as effective. It is the head nod. Only one living creature has been on the receiving end of this and still able to not die of orgasm, and this is Andrew Blanchard.