The X Episodes were planned to be the final 3 episodes of The Internet Box Podcast. The purpose for these episodes were solely so the Internet Box Podcast can qualify for the 2014 Podcast Awards. Winning the 2014 award would allow for the use of the title "multiple award winning podcast". Later, Episodes 121-133 were announced to be the final episodes. However, Episode 127 was the absolute final episode.

Announcement Edit

On March 3, 2014, during Episode 120 it was announced that it would be the last podcast and that there will be no more episodes released. Though, during the RTX 2014 Panel on July 6, 2014, it was announced that 3 more episodes would be made. The reason they decided to do this was so they can qualify for the 2014 Podcast awards and a minimum of 10 podcasts would need to be released.

Episodes Edit

Season 1, Year 3
Episode # Subtitle Original Airdate
X Subtitle pending. September 15, 2014
XX Uh-huh. September 22, 2014
XXX The Internet Box has to work tomorrow! October 13, 2014
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