On November 19, 2012 Mike Kroon decided to censor the phrase "ROLF" on CHAT on the Internet Box website. Posting "ROLF" lead to the phrase "Fluttershy, yay" to be posted instead. Due to the incessant need for community members to type "ROLF" at every possible occasion, this change was noticed immediately.

Neal, a prominent poster on CHAT, made a phrase entitled Test: ROLF. He asked why Mike had censored it. Many people began posting ROLF and realizing that it was censored. Mike came into the thread and wrote that "I gave birth to it. I can kill it." The CHAT members (who didn't know what they were talking about) asserted that it was Andrew Blanchard who created "ROLF" and not Mike. Mike was understandably entertained by this notion, and informed the people in the thread that they were wrong. Mike was asked to explain the origin.

Mike claimed that "ROLF" predated the Internet Box Podcast and that everyone used it without actually knowing what they were talking about. People in CHAT said that Andrew created it, and that Trevor Horman even said so in a podcast. Mike said that people are going off wrong information, and that Andrew did not start it. People referenced Episode 4 of the Internet Box, but Mike asserted that Andrew's post in the link dump was not what created "ROLF". Mike was called a liar, and Mike made the nay-sayers a deal. If Mike found the original and was right, he would ban all the "ignorant and foolish". Mike then found and posted proof of the creation of "ROLF" (and that he was the one who started it).


Mike's proof

Mike, out of mercy, decided that instead of banning everyone who had argued with him, he would just delete their posts.

Mike then replaced all their previous posts with the phrase: "Dear Internet Box Community, I am an NGF and had all my posts removed because I tried to oppose our OVERLORD."

Those that had their posts deleted were outraged.