The Bees were first mentioned on Episode 18. The popular saying "Not the Bees!" is a reference to the 2006 hit movie 'The Wickerman' starring the one and only Nicholas Cage. It was suggested by Ray that Dylon make his new phone alarm of actor Nicolas Cage screaming "Not the bees!" after it rudely went off in the middle of recording the podcast. It quickly became a popular Internet Box catchphrase as many pictures and videos were tweeted at the Internet Box crew.

In real life Edit

The Bees hate recording technology, as Ray had the unfortunate experience of them invading his esophagus after recording videos at Rooster Teeth.

Dylon must have close connections with The Bees, as he has threatened the use of them on Michael if they do not watch Living Dead together

The Bees have a taste for ladies as Ray caught a glimpse of them at the strip club. All the dancers seemed oblivious to all of The Bees floating around their headdresses. Nicolas Cage was spotted at the club's main stage riding the pole while The Bees struck again. Ray used The Bees to defend his new stripper friend, Cupcake, who he met at the club from other dudes giving her money.

A controversial product known as the Crayola Smelly Marker Pack, The Wicker Man edition, was released a few years back. Whenever you open a marker to sniff its lovely scent, instead of the aroma of lovely flowers you got a whiff of The Bees up your nose.

Videogames Edit

In Bioshock The Bees can be seen attacking Nicolas Cage here.

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