Internet Box Podcast at RTX 2014 Panel was a live event featuring all members except Dylon. The panel was streamed on Twitch TV, in the Room 18 room at RTX '14 on the last day of the event. The panel was also the same time as the Rooster Teeth Podcast. This was also the first time the cast has been back together since Episode 120 which released March 3, 2014.

RTX 2014- Internet Box Podcast

RTX 2014- Internet Box Podcast

J MoneyEdit

The panel began with Justin talking about how none of the cast members where there and that they were at the RT Podcast. He then went to play a video on Michael's laptop which he failed miserably at. Soon Michael came out to fix his mistake and played Big Booty Bitches, a panel tradition. Justin also refers to the panel as the "121st Episode".

The X EpisodesEdit

So during this panel Michael announced that the Internet Box will be producing 3 more episodes of the podcast. The reason for the three episodes is so that they can qualify for the 2014 Podcast Awards as you need to air 10 episodes that year to qualify. As Michael puts it "We are awards winning......literally for nothing else but to fuel our own egos we are going to make three more episodes just to try and win the award three years in a row for a podcast that no longer exists."

Andy's Crazy NightEdit

A video was played by Michael of Andrew walking down the hall of his hotel drunk with Michael, Lindsay, and Gavin who was filming. Without explaining go watch the video!
Andy's Crazy Night-0

Andy's Crazy Night-0

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