Lindsay Jones, formerly Lindsay "TuggLife" Tuggey, is the second (and final) female member to the Internet Box and is a staff member at Rooster Teeth. Despite all of the emotional terror of living with Michael; her sanity still seems to be mostly in place. She has a page on this wiki, which she is quite proud of. Lindsay loves to 'spoil shit', as she ruins the ending of many television and film series e.g. Hank gets the rainbow jacket or the dog dies. She is known for saying 'Jesus' A LOT, mainly due to the disgusting shit that Mike Kroon says during questions. According to Michael Jones on Episode 40, Lindsay's vagina cries a lot.

Working at Rooster Teeth

Lindsay works at Rooster Teeth, formerly as the Podcast editor and currently as part of Achievement Hunter. She and Michael fuck with the other employees cause they are all old and tired. She is the least bit professional. She also regularly hosts the RT recap.


She loves cats, and enjoys playing a "birthday card for her father" that is just a cat meowing over and over that Michael Jones hates. The only cat she does not like is the musical "Cats".

Engagement to Michael Jones

On the 156th Rooster Teeth Podcast, it was announced that Michael and Lindsay got together and are in a relationship.

On the 175th Rooster Teeth Podcast, Burnie Burns asks Lindsay if the ring she was wearing was an engagement ring. Lindsay said it was not but did say it was an promise ring, hinting to the possibility that they will one day get married.

It was announced by Michael in Episode 65 that they are now engaged.

There are also many "shit's and fuck's in the morning" between her and Michael, according to Lindsay.


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