Jack is the EVIL TYRANT of Achievement Hunter. He is a giant douche and hates fun, yet he did introduce El puerto ruicano to Cupcake. Michael Jones is currently leading the resistance against him, and his ANTI-MLP POLICY! GASSSSSSP!

He wields the Arcane BEARD of AWESOMENESS that he stole from Ray, causing Ray to become a straight, and Jack to become the leader of the non-dirty straights. The beard gives him the power to appear neither fat nor ugly. He also can destroy MLP forever if he gets all 4 arcane hair artifacts, the Pubic hair of sexxxxxxxxiness held by Barbara, the chest hair of justice held by Mike, and finally the arm hair of bad ass tattoos wielded by non other than Michael Jones, the Chosen one who is neither Jewish nor Jersey Shore, but JACK'S BANE.

The beard was trimmed back, and so his power waned. So powerful were the clippings that a HAZMAT team had to come in to take care of them.
New beard

Now with less beard

Recently it has been shown that the beard is coming back, and so his power grows.