Gay Dumbledore, as talked about in Episode 37, is the name given to Dumbledore after it is revealed that he is homosexual. To show off his hidden sexual self, he changed his robe to a tight, short pink dress that reveals his Elder Wand. He loves to teach the first year male students about sexual education by introducing them to his body.

Image ChangesEdit

Gay Dumbledore changed his previous robes for low cut pink dress with little hearts that is revealing of his Elder Wand. He also has a pink owl that does his sexual errands.

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Changes to House SortingEdit

Gay Dumbledore soon changes the way the first years are sorted into their houses. The male student is required to sit bare ass on Dumbledores lap as he chooses your house based on his erection.

-Gryffindor- For the longest erection.

-Ravenclaw- If it is curved.

-Hufflepuff- If it is chubbin, and puffy.

-Slytherin- If it is long and soft.

Sexual relations with studentsEdit

He is known for having sexual releations with many of the male students in Hogwarts. He integrates his fetish of sticky candies, for example, lemon drops on his nipples. He claims to have a safe word but he doesn't respond to it when said. All of his sexual memories get stored in a separate Pensive then his others. If a student does not attend a year of school, they will get a letter warning them to attend, and are sent an enchanted broomstick that penetrates them until they return to Hogwarts.

Candy FetishEdit

Dumbledore's fetish involves him having sex with the accessory of candy. He has created his brand of candy which includes: a chocolate hamster that like the chocolate frogs moves yet instead of jumping around it immediately runs up the nearest anus, lemon drops which adhere to nipples, and his own version of the popular Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans, in which the only flavors are semen, dookie butter, and the rare Dumblecock flavor.

Dissappearance of studentsEdit

Occasionally a male student will disappear from Hogwarts. These missing kids were taken to Gay Dumbledore's hidden moon base in which he has his way with them for all of eternity. The only way to get in or out of the base is a giant turbo ferris wheel that flies back and forth between Hogwarts and his moon base, whenever he touches the big red button.