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The Internet Box had won the prestigious 2015 Podcast Award, thus giving the green light for a season 2.

Notable conversations Edit

  • Mikecast was terminated under Twitch's policy. Probably from the 9/11 reenactment.
  • Mike has been confirmed to no longer be a virgin and has also seen boobs. He had also came upon his own face whilst sneezing. However, no permanent evidence has been acquired.
  • The Internet Box reflects the failure of My Little Panel.
  • Ray is now an LLC CEO of his own company to launder tax money.
  • Ray still is offering a bounty of $10,000.00 for video surveillance of Mike "eating shit" [knocking over a shelf during a meeting] in Best Buy.

Releasing Edit

The release of Season 2 was pushed back several times. According to the Internet Box's website, Season 2 was planned to be most likely released in Autumn 2015. Later, According to Twitter, Season 2 was announced to premier in 2016. Finally, the podcast was given an exact date to release on January 25, 2016.

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Countdown until Season 2

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