Dylon is known to be Andrew's and Mike's teddy bear. After life on Internet Box, he runs a quite Twitch stream called "Dylon Show". Dylon remains to be the only podcast member who has no credibility at all within Rooster Teeth.

Identity confusion / possible conspiracy

As brought up by Mike on an early Internet Box Podcast, Dylon and Andrew sound very similar, but the rest of the cast seemed to disagree. Frequent questioner and creator of the Internet Box Wiki, Ben, has had trouble finding the differences between Andrew and Dylon. He also introduced the conspiracy theory that Andrew plays the character Dylon, and that they are one and the same. This seems to annoy Dylon and Andrew. Also he's fucking amazing.

He also has an evil twin brother Dlon

Jessica Nigri

Dylon has shown an interest in Jessica for quite some time now, but with his newly gained Internet Celebrity-ism, he can now ask her to marry him with a guaranteed yes. During episode 23 Jessica Tweets "I LOVE YOU DYLON!!!!!!".... He's so in there. She has also tweeted at him other times and is even on video from PAX East saying that she loves him. There is also an alleged Birthday Video that involves Jessica singing "happy birthday" while crawling towards the camera and vigorously fingering herself.

Also this totally wasn't written by me, I mean him....

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Dylon's Future Wife

Sexual fetish(es)

Dylon is known for punching women ... or just people with vaginas? in the vagina during sexual intercourse. It is because of this FACT that Dylon has a hard time finishing. When asked about this FACT Dylon once said "Well once I see a Baby maker I just need to punch it 'till it looks like that meat from Rocky." Most around Dylon have accepted this FACT, and accept that he may never fini-

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