Barbra Drunkleman, also known by B.J. Dunkelfuck, is a strong, independent, classy lady whose hobbies include being on the Internet Box, having a real job, and a life. She works at Rooster Teeth with Michael Jones, Lindsay Jones, and Ray Narvaez, Jr., as the "best" community manager, and regularly hosts the RT Recap.

White shirt controversy

After being hired at Rooster Teeth a RT Life video was made where the viewers could vote on what was to be thrown at the participating members. Barbara was one of those members. The viewers asked for Barbara to wear a white shirt no bra for our amusement. In the video she turned out to wear a bra because she has standards. And massive jugs

Phallus Whaleus

Internet rumors have stated that Barbara's own penis is whale-like in nature. Its actual measurements are currently unknown. It is massive and has killed 4.5 people.


Winner of 74 Olympic gold medals. She is master in Martial Arts and the music industry. She also has a massive whale cock.


Barbara & Her Whale Cock

According to Episode 39 Barbara's huge throbbing whale cock has a lady boner for Hannah Hart from My Drunk Kitchen.

Barbara also frequently moonlights as a podcast member of the Rooster Teeth podcast, betraying all of her dear "friends". And also, whale cock.

  • She once frowned at a man, just to watch him cry.
  • She is also the master of all segues.
  • She makes puns all day, everyday.
  • She does not appreciate it when people pretend to be her on social networks, so don't do it. sorry barb :(
  • Sonny88p does not find her attractive sorry.
  • EvilTrolling thinks shes purdy.
  • She loves drawing cocks.
  • She's the most fapped to Jewish person
  • She pops children's party balloons with her nipples
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